We dare to say that the only sure thing in life is change. Changes take place around us and inside of us all the time, in smaller or larger steps. In order to keep up with these changes we and the businesses also need to change. Therefore, businesses must be consciously managed - both by the organizational and individual level. Successful change requires vision, skills, motivation, resources and action plan. Our experience and expertise allow you to approach and manage change systematically.

What we do? 
  • We help the company to decode the change management process and support leaders in following steps.
  • We measure, and where necessary increase the readiness for change in the company.
  • We create a strategy for the future and carry out changes in strategies, business processes, etc.
  • We engage stakeholders in the process and develop a communication plan.
  • We train managers and employees.
  • We do workshops, create discussions and negotiations.

We use widely common methodologies such as Kotter’s 8-step model, Lewin’s 3-step model, McKinsey 7S model or ADKAR model and other tools that exactly suit the current situation.